About Us

About Nature Sounds Live

Who we are:

We are works with calm, relaxation, and sleeping videos to provide guided meditation for fast sleep. We are a Naturesounds team that creates piano music, rain, and thunder sounds to empower people living around the world to have a rest of mind and a healthy body. We believed nobody deserves another sleepless night. Also, Naturesounds.live provides a comfortable sleep space with relaxing sounds, calming music, and ambient noise.

Why we are:

We provides a good relaxation, meditation, rain and thunder sounds videos to prevent people from stress, anxiety, and restless sleep reliefs. Also we provides piano music, rain and thunder sounds that  meditate, and gives your body and mind a naturally quiet down and a comfortable, rejuvenating night sleep. We always hated insomnia problems. Our dream is to help more sleepless people find a relaxing night’s sleep. That’s why we only the best sleep sounds and bed time stories.

How it Works:

Naturesounds live  is the restful  sounds you need to find soothing sleep and track your sleep data. We are guaranteed to calm you into a deep and restful slumber.